Change in season

Low sun beaming through autumn forest

As the summer closes and the temperature drops, I wanted to check in with you because I feel a mix of emotions at this time of year.

I am most definitely a summer girl, I love nothing more than the summer sun warming everything from me to the plants and drying the washing on the line. I love the energy of summer, everyone seems to have a smile on their face and a spring in their steps. Although I can’t see the burst of colour that summer brings, but I feel it and this has a positive impact on my well being.

In autumn things for me begin to feel heavier just as things start to get busier. To stay focused and on track with my schedule I have committed to work on my organisation. I want to feel more prepared and ready and know this will enable me to embrace my commitments with excitement and enthusiasm and bring lightness back. Halloween is my favourite holiday; I want to engage fully with the fun of dressing up and let the celebrations capture my imagination.

Low sun beaming through autumn forest

Then as we move into winter and the Christmas season more social events pop in the diary and work begins to slow down a little.  I don’t really slow down until this time either. I take full advantage of the season and switch off from work and enjoy some family time and indulge in the feeling of hibernation.

I have got a lot better at listening to nature and my body and take time to recharge and rest. Previously  I thought, “just keep going, you can get through it” and pushed myself to the very limit and often broke in illness or even accidents. Now I know when I need time to recoup, slow and heel. This has taken practice but realising that the change in season is a signal for me helps me to prioritise my wellbeing.

I will take more baths, take a day over the weekend to sit and cosy up with a film or knitting. I’ll take walks in the winter sun at a slow pace and cook healthy and comforting foods like stews and soups. What do you do in the autumn and winter months to nourish yourself?

Keeping active and busy helps my mental health and my Charles Bonnet Syndrome. It also gives me purpose as a blind person. When I need to slow I still need to keep active to continue to manage my conditions.

since sight loss I experience the change in seasons differently. I would see the world brightening up when summer came round and see it darken through autumn and winter. Now I use my other senses to notice the changes, i’ll smell summer as the flowers bloom and feel the heaviness and cold as winter creeps in. My experience is different now but I still experience it. Adapting to and accepting change is an empowering process. If we move with the change instead of fighting them we will have a better experience and better outcomes.

How will you be moving through the season change?

Thank you for reading my reflections and remember these are all my own thoughts and I know we all experience the world in our own unique and special ways so if you wish please do share in the comments how you flow through the changes in seasons or in life below.

Sending you warm wishes for the next phase in this year. Take time to enjoy them and reflect.

Sending love

Nina XX


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  1. Lynne Nicholson avatar
    Lynne Nicholson

    Personally summer is my least favourite season (spring and autumn equal favourite, and winter only just above summer).
    So far I still have colour perception and love how the changing colours make the trees burn like flaming torches before the leaves fall.
    I do struggle with September and early October (due to anniversaries of sad times) but overall the weather cooling and the changing colours lift my spirits as I walk (weather permitting) through the countryside, and around my tree lined town. The wet weather turning the footpaths in the countryside to mud, and the fallen leaves on the pavements in town into an equally hazardous slip incidents make walking an extreme sport (which is when I turn to my treadmill and exercise bike for safety while eagerly awaiting several days of drier weather in the hope I can get out in the fresh air.

    I hope you can find your healthy equilibrium in this season.

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