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Hi all, 

In this post I wanted to talk about cooking. Cooking is a necessity for survival. Whether it be a rustic fire or a state-of-the-art hob and cooker, we need to prepare food to eat. I know it sounds basic and your like “come on Nina, tell us something we don’t know!” What if that basic need was taken away from you? One day the thought of having to put that pot on the fire or that dish in the oven filled you with fear. Would it put you off? How would you survive?

Let me reassure you, YOU WOULD! As humans we are resilient creatures and are here to survive. Just like the fight, flight or freeze reaction we have in response to danger, we find a way around survival. As a blind woman, I found that way like many others before, and many others still to come. Just because we have lost the ability to see that flame we can still feel, hear and smell it, so we will provide. Don’t get me wrong, it is a process and it needs to be taken slowly and carefully. Just like learning to throw knives you wouldn’t start with a live volunteer. 

After lots of practice, some burns but nothing too serious. I manage now very confidently and comfortably to make a nutritious meal for my family and me. As well as practicing a lot, I have Many kitchen gadgets that help me prepare food safely and help to follow a recipe. 

There are many blind cooks/chefs killing it out there at the moment. Some of these are Amar Latif, who was on master chef, and the first blind contestant. There is Laura Fachie MBE, who is a Paralympic cyclist that has a passion for food and started her own food blog, and there is Kim Jaye, who has a YouTube channel and a foodie group with the RNIB.

These are three amazing blind chefs that are inspiring many blind and visually impaired people out there to push forward, because it is possible to cook a delicious healthy three course meal even with no sight. I wanted to share with you a recipe for an egg muffin and no not the sweet kind. I came across this recipe when I had sight and was a really quick nutritional light lunch or breakfast. I made this with sight and have made it again since losing my sight and the only difference is I may make a little more mess now. Although my hubby would say differently! 

Egg Muffin 

You will need;

Deep muffin tray, a jug, a chopping board, a knife or a cutting gadget of some description if you have one to make the chopping easier.


2 eggs 

Cherry or plum tomatoes 




Salt and pepper  


Chop tomatoes and spinach into small pieces. In a jug crack and add two table spoons of milk, beat the two eggs and milk together. Add the salt and pepper then whisk together. Once the mixture is combined, this should take roughly a minute of whisking, add the filling (the chopped ingredients).. Use a oil brush or pour a little oil on some kitchen roll and coat the muffin tins or like me you can use your finger as your guaranteed coverage with the touch. Once coated pour the egg mixture into each muffin cup. If you’re using sight pour to below the rim if you have minimal or no sight place your finger on the edge of the rim to the cup and pour till you feel it touch your finger. Feel if you have tomatoes in there too. This is ok as long as you have cleaned your hands before. Place in the oven for 15 minutes. For those with sight will see them rise for those without if you take them out after 15minutes and place a knife to the edge you will feel if the egg is higher then the tray. Once cooked allow to cool for a minute then scoop the egg muffin out. Serve with some side salad or coleslaw. Enjoy!

The right nutrition is part of a balanced lifestyle that can help with so much including healing. Learning to be able to do this for myself and my family with practice and adaptations was one of the most empowering things I have done since losing my sight and lets face it I live with all boys and their not the most energetic no offense lads. I do love that I can look after them though, as they look after me so much. 

Share any of the pictures of your muffins if you make them with me on socials at blind_but_sound on insta and twitter and just me on Facebook. 

Take care, sending love 



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