Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0

Hi lovelies,

How are you all doing? We are into the first week of the second lockdown or as we like to call it in this house, Lockdown 2.0. I mean it feels like we are in some kind of horror/thriller movie so why not have a sequel. We got the tram into Manchester a couple of weeks ago when we went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was the first tram journey since February and it was quite strange. It was very busy standing room only. There were two separate lovely ladies who offered their seats but we were happy to stand. It was nice to be acknowledged and on a busy tram too.   As I could not see the people on the tram it sounded different, muffled! I asked Steve did it look strange, he replied “it’s like a movie set” For a split second I liked the idea of me being the lead roll in a new action film. The virus verses ‘the Mancs’ What do you think for the title? 

So I just wanted to check in and perhaps share with you some of the things I have planned for this lock down. The last lock up was hard, and I imagine for everyone. I found it difficult to focus as I felt like I had taken two steps back with my sight loss journey and with Steve still working and Dylan out of school it was the same yet different to our normal life. I wasn’t feeling confident or inspired. I continued with my writing and doing a few online courses and finishing off my Level 3 complimentary therapy course but didn’t really do many creative things. 

This time round I want to get back into creative activities. I have already started knitting again for Christmas gifts and I recently bought some mix media and paints. With these I am going to attempt to document my Charles Bonnet Syndrome hallucinations . I am not sure how this is going to go but after speaking with some visually impaired artists, I realise It is not about the outcome. It is about the doing and it will never get done if I continue to convince myself it is going to be bad, without even knowing.  So there you go, that’s one of my plans. 

I am now a qualified complimentary therapist. This means I can provide holistic therapy such as Swedish body massage, aroma therapy and reflexology treatments. My plan was to set up as a sole trader by the end of October and start building up a client base. Firstly through friends and family and slowly reaching out on social media. I have converted my outdoor craft workshop into a treatment room and I am going to work from home. Unfortunately due to the second lock down I can’t start working as a therapist because I am level three and only level 4, 5 and degree level therapists can continue to treat under medical referrals and continued treatment as part of a medical treatment. So even though I can’t physically start treatments yet I am going to look at starting my social media presence. Producing some videos, blog posts and tips for self-treatment. 

I have a few things I think I can be getting on with for now. I just have to work on the self-belief and confidence side of it all. To do this I am continuing on my journey of self-discovery. I continue to listen to my favourite podcasts and have a few more audiobooks in the library to listen to. I feel more positive and empowered but I also know I will have those down days and that is ok too. I believe it is all about balance and that is what I have taken from the first lock down. Not to just be bingeing on Netflix. Having a bit of structure with goals and a bit of balance with leisure, whether that be trips to the park or a Netflix marathon, it is all okay. 

However you choose to get through Lockdown 2.0 please do remember to look after yourself and keep in touch with your loved ones. Community is so important even if it is virtual. Looking forward to that physical community is something that will help to drive us forward. 

Take care, stay safe.

Nina xxx  


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