Looking forward with hope and possibility

Looking forward with hope and possibility

Hi lovelies, 

Happy New Year

I know it has not been the best start to the New Year for the UK and everywhere else. It is not how we hoped the new year would start. I guess there are people who thought that as soon as the clock struck twelve the madness would be over and it would be behind us. There may also be realists out there that knew this third lock down was inevitable. Then there are the ones that are content in their own space and they didn’t notice the year had changed. Wherever you may lie on the spectrum, we all need to have compassion for others. 

Even though we all may not agree on thing’s and how they should be. I think in times like this acknowledging your own and others beliefs and supporting each other still for me is what compassion means. Listening, Opening up to ourselves and others, giving them time and space to let go is a great way to help others heel.  We may think differently and that is ok because the world would be a boring and strange place if we were all the same.

My intension is not to be patronising, I just want to say, let’s move forward into this New Year with hope, compassion and openness to change. This is how I believe we will get through the ever changing yet some what the same situation. 

My last blog post was about looking back on 2020. Looking at our achievements, challenges and failures and seeing how we could learn from them. In this blog I want to share with you some of my goals for this year. 

So here it gos;

  • I want to have established a regular client base for my Holistic therapy practice. This means being booked out for the three days I am working and have at least 70% returning custom. 
  • My aim for the start of the year (or when I can return to work once lock down is over)  is to produce a free gift to all those who book in for a treatment in the first two months. I was kindly donated a candle making kit which I will use to craft some lovely wax melts using my aroma therapy knowledge. Please keep an eye on my socials for updates and pictures.
  • I want to set up a support group for people with Charles Bonnie syndrome(CBS) in the North West. I intend to do this online and using a telephone system, so as not to exclude those who struggle with technology. 
  • I want to introduce my new found meditation knowledge and hopefully a new certification in these support groups as I have found meditation to be an amazing tool in supporting my sight loss and Charles Bonnie syndrome(CBS). 
  • Gaining my certification for facilitating meditation treatments and group sessions and observing how this could help the sight loss community.
  • Training, training and more training. I have decided to do a sponsored walk for Esme’s Umbrella. I hope to achieve great funds to put towards much needed research into the Charles Bonnie syndrome(CBS) condition and to raise awareness. I will do a blog to give you more information about this in the coming months.
  • To increase my social media following for five senses therapy and for my personal account because I am told that is how you get information out there these days. I’m an oldie when it comes to social media, I keep asking my support worker what a story is and no it is not the type that comes in a book. My aim is to learn more about the world of social media marketing or at least to help someone help me. 
  • With my interest in meditation growing I want to commit to my own practice. I have found it to be beneficial for the effects of CBS, in that it lessons the effect of the hallucinations. I need to promise to commit to my practice as I know it benefits me. I guess it is like healthy eating we know it is better for us but just stepping over that line from bad to good, can be difficult. 

There was one reason I wanted to share my goals with you. It is so that it is out there in the universe. I have wrote it down and shared it, so now I am accountable. Maybe not to the world but to myself and the universe. 

Have you made any goals for 2021? I say goals not resolutions as I think resolutions are unforgiving and when we ultimately fail we spiral into shame and that is no good for anyone. I think the word ‘goal’ is a more positive way to look forward if you want to write something down and work towards it. I know I may not achieve these goals but they are goals you take the shot but may miss the net, that is ok because you are still in the game. That’s my only football analogy, I know a bit rubbish!.

Thank you for holding the space for me and my goals. Taking the time to read this blog is helping me hold my accountability for these goals, this I am truly grateful for. Why not try writing you own goals for the year and share them with your partner, family member or post them into the universe either online or write them down and then burn them sending the ashes out. 

However you choose to go forward with this year I ask that you do it with hope and love in your heart. Sending the warmest of wishes to you all. 

Nina xx  


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