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Hi lovelies,

So, it has finally come to that time and I wanted to share with you an introduction to my new business. Who would have thought it two years ago that I would be back in the land of employment, self-employment that is, but still very exciting. I am not going to lie to you I am nervous as hell but I know I have the support and willing to achieve whatever I set out to do. So please have a read below and if you are interested in finding out more the contact details are at the end. 

Welcome to Five Senses Therapy 

Have you ever noticed how your skin tingles when you feel the cold, when your nostrils flare on the smell of a stinky sock, how the sound of the wind in the trees or the crashing of waves can relax you and the tastes from that perfect mouthful can take you back to a single moment of your life. The senses are such a powerful thing and I think sometimes we take them for granted. I know I did! 

After losing my sight completely I became abundantly aware of my senses. People would say “I bet you have senses like a super hero now”. For a while I thought I may have, I thought my senses had somehow become super powerful. I liked the idea of this, being my own superhero! It was not meant to be, I did not start hearing miles away or gain the ability to bend metal with my mind. I had just been awakened to my already powerful senses. They had heightened and I was paying attention for the first time. 

With this new found awareness I began to notice things a lot more. I sensed the large solid objects that were close to me, I felt the difference through touch when I put my teaspoon in the coffee rather than the sugar, I could always hear the birds singing away yet I was more sensitive to smells and flavours. As I became more aware of these things and how they could impact my health, I looked into how I could help others experience this sensory awareness too. This brought me to complimentary therapy. This practice not only helps the client in so many health boosting ways it helps me to connect in a way that I thought was lost to me. When I give a massage the medical world would say my brain interprets the information in a different way, the holistic side of me would say my third eye is awakened and this allows me to see what I am in contact with. 

There are so many health benefits to massage that I have personally experienced and continue to do so. These include better skin, better digestion, better sleep, improved mental health and so many more. Having regular massage allows me to be more aware of my body and it’s needs.  Allowing me to be aware of my senses in a connective way. Yes, losing one of my senses has definitely helped my other senses, but through my allowing a complimentary therapy connection , they have opened to much more.  I believe that it can work for people who still have the five senses just as much.  

My space is a tranquil escape from the chaotic world around us, an urban oasis.  It is there to give you the opportunity to connect with yourself and relax.    

For information on what treatments I provide and their benefits please see my Facebook page  here. To book an appointment please either email me on or go to my instagram here and DM me.

I look forward to helping you start your journey to awaken your senses. 

Sending Love 

Nina xx 


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