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Hi all,

I hope this post finds you all well. 

How are you feeling about the ease on the 3rd lock down? Are you anxious, confused or excited? There are lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions flying around for everyone at the moment, whatever they are their yours. The last 12 months have been challenging for so many on many levels but we are getting on with things. There also seems to be some hope for the future. Whatever your thoughts are on the pandemic and however you have been adjusting, my thoughts are with you all. I wanted to share positive vibes going forward because that’s what we do, we can never go back only forward, so lets!

How my forward looks

I am a trained manual and holistic therapist. I qualified in the middle of the crazy year 2020 and then with a minimal reopening I was not prepared for the changes and the things we had to put into place to be able to work as a hands on practice, before we knew it we were locked down again. I decided to roll with it and not to let it stress me out too much as I knew I was a beginner anyway and it takes time in any circumstances when you start a business. I wanted to keep hope with me though, so I set out to develop my social media presence, because lets face it that alone is a job! That is what I have been focusing on for the last 6 months, in the hope it will help attract the right people to my services.

You can find my Instagram here and my Facebook here.

Please do follow, like and share my pages. We have regular content with some freebies such as guided meditation and guided self massage. There are also offers and great resources on too. 

The future for me and Five Senses Therapy

We are opening up on the 12th April and I never thought I would have to say we are now allowed to work! I understand why they have put in place precautions and we will follow them because it is the safety of my clients that matters above all. I just find it difficult to comprehend how so many amazing therapists, hospitality venues and small businesses have been destroyed, it is so sad. Sorry getting a little political now, ….ok back to my plans. 

I am opening up to work from home on the 12th April and I am very excited to FINALLY get started with this amazing career that has opened up to me after my sight loss. I want to go forward helping women who have experienced life changing situations. Whether that be through trauma, accident, divorce, job loss anything that leaves you thinking, WHAT THE F!@k am I going to do now! Women who have gone through this and have found they are holding it all within their bodies. They notice it gets a little more painful when they bend over to clean or it becomes a little too difficult to enjoy everyday things because their bodies are stiff and sore. I want to help these women to regain their confidence in their own abilities, to help them move more freely and enjoy even their own every day tasks. 

Experiencing Trauma, grief and several life changing situations, I want to share what I have learnt and hopefully help others to heal and shine that light that is in us all which could just be hiding behind the tight loaded muscles, stress and anxiety. 

What else am I working on going forward?

As well as getting my practice up and going I am also working hard on campaigning for Esme’s Umbrella and helping to create awareness about Charles Bonnet Syndrome. Through sharing my story and experience of CBS with the world and raising money through charity events, I will help to raise the profile of this condition that affects so many unnecessarily because they are afraid to tell anyone incase they think they are going crazy. Much like myself at the start

I am also looking at how manual and holistic therapy could help people with CBS. I am interested in the effects of massage and meditation on people who have the condition. I am looking at starting with some case studies and hopefully some research. I truly believe that the best way to cope with this condition until they know more about it and find a way to treat it with medication, the best way is to manage it. Like pain management. With pain management holistic and manual therapy have so many benefits and I believe the same principals can be placed with someone with CBS.
We will see!

I am also working as a volunteer with Thomas Pocklington Trust as a representative for the Sight Loss Council. This role enables me to help with events for supporting people with sight loss. One example of this is the VI Forum coming up on the 14th April, this is an online event with speakers from the sports, arts and creative areas. Introducing people with sight loss to these things and encouraging them to perhaps start a new hobby or letting them know that there is support and that they can do it!. I also run a social group for people of working age with sight loss. This has been online the last year via zoom calls but I am hoping to get back to meeting in person in July.  We will start with a slap up meal for everyone, because let’s face it we all need a little in person socialising.

My way forward as you can see is a busy and positive one and I fully expect some more challenges and curve balls to come my way because that is what life is. It is how we manage it that helps us to move forward with light, hope and positivity. 

My thoughts are with you all while you face your forward, remember things can only go up from the bottom. 

Sending love 

Nina xx 


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