Routine, Yay or Nay!

Routine, Yay or nay

Hi lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk a little about routine and what it means to me. Routines are something that have been a part of humanity for centuries. You can find routine in all aspects of life from religious practice to sports and the daily school run. We may not even realise that we actually have and follow a routine. 

In my 20’s I know I was very ex routine orientated. The thought of being tied to something really freaked me out. I was much more comfortable as a ‘fly by the minute kinda gal!’ 

When I think about it routine was part of my life from early on. I’d be woken for school, brush my teeth twice daily and have to have ketchup with chips. As I got older, I’ve added more routine – washing, toning and moisturising my face and when you really think about it, we continue to layer more routine as the years go by. Give it a go and see what routines you have been doing all your life and see if there are any new ones that have developed more recently. 

Some of my more recent routines have kicked in since I lost my sight. I also think that this is when I really accepted that having a routine is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you’re boring or can’t be spontaneous. Routines can help your life run smoother, and support us to manage stress and anxiety, and they can be fun!

My favourite is my bedtime routine with my son Dylan. I love a night time cuddle and if I don’t say “night, love you, see you in the morning” it feels like I can’t go to sleep. I recognise now that I need to be prepared for this one to stop or alter as Dylan gets older – he may not appreciate it when he is a teenager! 

Some routines don’t last forever but some will such as my beauty routine. I have my beauty products in a certain place so that I can do it in a consecutive way and so I remember and know I have used the right products. Another is my walking routine. When I started to learn mobility, (this is learning how to use a white Cane) we were taught to mind map. This is to find a route and repeat it over and over until it becomes a routine that you can do with your eyes shut, excuse the pun! I have also developed a routine of meditation since losing my sight. I try to meditate every day even if it is just five minutes and it doesn’t always have to be with music or a guided voice. Just sitting in silence and focusing the mind inwards helps me to focus. 

I have also started a self-care routine. I have a bath at least once a week where I tell the boys I am not to be interrupted and I listen to my podcasts.  Part of self-care is exercise too and I now do yoga twice a week and try to walk at least 3 times a week. 

All these routines together add up to support my mental health. If you have never thought you were a routine person, take a few moments to consider your daily activity. Chances are there is a routine hidden there somewhere. If there isn’t think about a routine that could benefit you. 

I’d love to hear about your favourite routines or the ones that benefit you the most. Please share with me on my socials or leave a comment below. 

Thank you for reading all about my life’s journey. I hope it inspires and helps even one person. If you enjoy reading please share my posts, why not make it a routine to do so! 

Sending love 

Nina XX 


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