Spring and me


Hello lovelies,

2022 is rolling forward at speed and we are now approaching spring. This season seems to naturally encourage us towards new beginnings and clearing out. I’m drawn to reflection and have an urge to shed the winter funk!

Do you have any spring traditions? My mum would pull the nets and curtains down to wash and give the house a major clean and declutter. As a kid I hated it, I never wanted to throw anything away and helping mum clean rather than play out with friends wasn’t my idea of fun. Looking back, I see that this annual activity was about cleansing. We can’t carry all the dirt and clutter of our past around with us because it will weigh us down and make it difficult to move forward.

Today I don’t have any 80’s nets to take down but I do declutter and find it helps me to make room physically and emotionally. I recently went through my wardrobes. Getting rid of tatty jumpers was easy but getting rid of certain items like a particular little black dress that no longer fitted and never would was harder. I gained acceptance of myself through the process. Yes, I’ll never wear that dress that I lived in when I was younger but I am grateful for all the fun times it reminded me of. Our minds and bodies change through life, the me today is just as beautiful as the me back then and this is okay.

There is a trinity goddess known within the pagan and wiccan practices called the Maiden, Mother, Crone. These three represent the three stages of a woman. Maiden is the virginal young woman, or girl. She is all about enchantment and new beginnings, youthful ideas, and enthusiasm. Mother is the next phase, and represents fertility, abundance, and growth. She is fulfilment—sexual, social, and emotional. and early summer is her domain; as the earth becomes green and fertile, so does the Mother. A woman does not have to have biological children to embrace the role of Mother. The Crone stage is the wise woman, the darkness of night, and eventually death. I like the idea that we journey through these stages of womanhood, embracing them is empowering and cleansing.

Spring can be the catalyst for many things. Perhaps creating a new project, starting a new job, making a big decision, or starting new habits that lift you up. There are many ways to help through these changes some being meditation, massage, exercise, therapy, dancing, writing, creativity, cleaning or whatever feels right for you.

Why not take a few moments one afternoon and either write or make a voice note of the things you want to clear out or commit to this spring. Is it a simple exercise buy may surprise you. Once you have done this think about what you can do to make this happen. As I said I have decluttered an area of my home and I have made a pledge to myself to cut out bread. I know it makes me feel sluggish and I want to move forward with energy into the summer. I feel lighter through these actions, I feel motivated and will be kind on myself if I falter, I can always try again.

Good luck with your spring activities.

Sending love

Nina XX


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