The half way point

Half way through the year, its is July!

Hi lovelies, 

I know it has been a while since I wrote a post for you guys but it has been a busy start to the year.    I can’t believe it is nearly half way through 2021! Does anyone else feel like it is flying past? It could just be me and my age, the closer I get to the big 40 (which is only a year) the faster time goes. I have also felt time flies since losing my sight, strange I know! I think it maybe because everything takes so long, which in turn makes the day go quicker.  An example, of this is using a screen reader with a simple email or Facebook scroll can take double the time. There are different speeds you can set the voice too; I am on 60. There are people that listen at 90, that blows my mind! My family and friends think my Voiceover is fast and they say “How can you understand that!” But I definitely improved, as I started on 40. I guess it is like learning a new language or skill, the more you practice the better you get. Until I get to 90, I think these things will just take longer and I am happy with that now. It does just add to the time flying by scenario. 

Another way time has flown is with having children. Since Dylan was born 10 years ago, yes 10 years, that has disappeared in a flutter of the eye. To all the parents out there, do you agree? You know that feeling when your child starts a new year all presentable and excited. You. Are snapping away with the camera so proud, the next thing you know they are dragging themselves through the door, disheveled after a tough year. You feel in some way that seemed long but then you realise the month and their age and you think what the f!@k, where did that time go! 

I am sharing these thoughts and moments with you as I have been thinking a lot about time. Since losing my sight I have found I have slowed down significantly. This is one of the main reasons I am grateful for my sight loss. It has given me the opportunity to really listen to myself, family, friends and my son, even when he is telling the longest drawn-out story. Those moments I would have been distracted before doing 2-3 other jobs while he was telling me. Now I have to really stop and listen as I really can’t multi tasks these days it can be dangerous for me. I have caused a few accidents to myself trying, trying to live like I did before. It doesn’t work! Change needs to happen and accepting that has led me to have a better relationship and understand my son better as I give him them moments that he needs and I enjoy. 

The same applies to other areas in my life. Writing for instance, I would have not done before. I love writing and it was a passion of mine in my teens. I started a literature A level but changed to art. I would never give myself the time before to sit and read a book or write something. I always had other things to do which I thought were more important. After sight loss and adapting and making friends with Jessica my Voiceover voice I am quite happy and content to take that hour out sit somewhere quiet and reflect. 

I guess I am trying to say that the bad, traumatic, life changing and difficult situations that we experience in this life are not always as bad as we might first think. I am not denying anyone’s experience. They are personal to you and you feel them the way that is right for you. I am just suggesting next time something happens, perhaps once the dust has settled try and look for what you are grateful for. There will always be one thing! When you find it share it even if it is just with someone close to you or if you are brave the world. I feel like a pressure, a control has been lifted off me when doing this. I regain control of the situation. 

I have had a busy start to the year setting up my practice in Chorlton, Manchester. This is where I work with women to help them through life changing trauma and situations that may have affected their confidence in their bodies, holding tension and trauma in there. I help them to work on this, improving on their sleep, their movement and supporting them to build courage to conquer their limitations. I am at the start of this journey and with my experience I want to help change the lives of beautiful women everywhere. 

If you are interested in finding out more or working with me you can email on or visit my socials @fivesenses.therapy 

I have also been busy training for my fundraising walk in August. This is where I will be walking 100 miles over 10 days. I am doing this around Greater Manchester and Cheshire walking on some beautiful and nature filled walks. This is because exercise and nature have been a staple in the management of Charles Bonnet Syndrome for me.  A condition I developed when I lost my sight. I have been working with Esme’s Umbrella to help bring support to those who have just started with the condition or those who have been living with it for a while and feel that they can now talk about it because more people are coming out. I am grateful to be a part of this and without sight loss it wouldn’t have happened. You can read more about what the condition is and what amazing work Judith Potts of Esme’s Umbrella does at  

To all off you that read my blog and have been sharing my story so far, I am so grateful to you. Without sight loss I would not have started this blog and would not have hopefully helped others, even if it is just through them reading and thinking. 

I am looking forward to the next six months and what it may bring, fun, challenges, warts and all. 

How are you looking forward?

Sending love always 

Nina xx 


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