The Never Ending Story

Atreyu and Falcor. Image from Wikimedia Commons

I was sat with my son yesterday discussing movies. We were talking about how different they have become. How the effects have changed, the stories and the budgets. I was sharing and describing the films I’d watch at his age, like The Goonies, Edward Scissor Hands, The Breakfast Club, Masters of the Universe and Don’t Tell Mum the Babysitters Dead.

If you remember some of these titles, you’ll also remember The Never Ending Story. The endearing joint protagonists Atreyu and Bastian, intertwined in the story of Fantastica. Fantastica is a land within a book that needs saving, and it is Bastian’s mission to save it with his imagination, hope and wishes.

Sometimes I feel like Bastian looking in on my life story. As I travel through the highs and lows, fight the monsters and climb over the mountains, I have begun to see that I am in control of my storyline and the fate of the world I live in.

Ironically it was when I lost my sight and wasn’t distracted by the world visually that I was able to see how my story was unfolding.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you go out and create tragedy to take a closer look at your life story. But working with your life experience rather than against it, is a good way to read your story. There are ways you can take a step back from the busy story board to reassess and refigure it and I would like to share them with you.

Whether you choose to give them ago or not, what I share here is the learning I have gleamed from my journey, there is no certainty to this advice, it is an offering that have has benefits for me.

  • Taking time out to draw your story board
    Sometimes life takes over and is feels like we never stop, that we have no chance to stop, how could we? We haven’t the time too. I can get wrapped up in this belief and when I do I need to make a conscious decision to pause. Whether that be by walking the long way to the shop, organising a day trip or simply carrying my coffee into the garden and listening to nature for 5 minutes. I use this time to think about and reflect on my story. I’ve written it out which supported my reflection, you could draw it or create a story board, remember creativity is a form of rest. This will enable you to know what chapter your story is up to and from here you can work out where you want your story to go. Always be mindful of the characters, you are always the writer.
  • Making Change
    Change in life is unavoidable and sometimes it is thrown at you without you knowing it is coming. Quite like in a film, as a favourite character runs round a corner not knowing what they are going to face it can be scary and difficult to watch. When you take the time to think about the change you want you can write in some of what is around the corner and in doing so set this as an intention. For a story to progress there needs to be change and action, being clear on an intention can be the first step.
  • Enjoy the ride
    Whilst you are living this story and working through the twists and turns, enjoy it! There will be times where you feel fear, anticipation, glee, sadness, awe and many more but to really appreciate a good story you need to immerse yourself into the plot and experience it. You never know when the story will end or when you face a cliff hanger or when the next next book will be out. So enjoy all of what you are experiencing right now, the good and bad bits.

I hope this brings a little openness into your story and thank you for reading and being apart of my story.

Sending love and light,

Nina xx

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