Today is a new day, feel gratitude and learn something new

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“Today is a new day, feel gratitude and learn something new”. This is the welcome message on my Mac book that I changed months ago. When my computer restarts, which I am not that good at doing and always forget to shutdown properly. Usually I just shut the lid and carry on. Then when my macbook starts going a bit slow and lagging, as Dylan keeps saying I just need to restart it.

My Macbook Voiceover read this quote aloud to me this morning. 

I read a blog post of Brené Brown last last night about what purposed her stance after hearing about the death of someone she admired. Brené Brown shared the quote from her commencement address at Howard university in America. It went as follows:

“Purpose is an essential element of you, it is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped in the things you are here to for-fill whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose” 

Chadwick Boseman

I mean WOW what a line! I have been taking some time and have been quite contemplative recently. Watching or listening to my oldest and his plans and the giggles with his girlfriend. I remembered the times I had such dreams, freedom and hope for something amazing. When do all those thoughts go away? For me I guess it was on my sight loss journey. The struggles I had with the world accepting and helping me with my sight condition. The struggle I had with accepting myself with my sight problem and I guess the passing of time. Things do come full circle though I believe and with certain life prompts I have found my way back to that giddy driven hope filled person again. This is through lots of work on acceptance in every way and accepting that I have a place in history and I am finding my purpose on the way through it and that is ok.  

Looking and listening to a lot of experts and inspiring people I really am learning a lot. I have taken to opening lots of doors to help and inspire, an example being reading more. Yes, I can still read or listen, either way the information still goes in. 

I also read a book called Purpose, find your truth and embrace your calling by Jessica Huie MBE, here is the link to the Amazon ebook. Jessica Huie is an entrepreneur, a publicist, an author and a mother.  This was an amazing insight into her life and how she found purpose through her struggles. The book explores how she took the badness and turned it into her purpose. It really helped me see things from another angle. I would recommend the read. 

There have been many other books I have read and continue to read on this journey, all helping open my mindset to other possibilities and ways of thinking. I will put a book list together of the books I have read if anyone would like to see that. 

I have been thinking a lot about my purpose, especially when something is taken from you that you thought was so essential. only to find what was taken added to your being.  Looking back I have always wanted to help people, to create something for them to help them find support, to help them heel. I just guess I never done this for myself. 

Opening up all these new doors has been life changing and I am still finding my way through. I hope the journey I am going on and the career choices I am making will help me to find my purpose and support me in my drive to make a difference. I want to continue with my writing and my complimentary therapy in the hope it will help others as well as myself.  I guess what I am trying to say is it all starts somewhere. 

We are always finding purpose even if that changes from time to time. I think that being open to the possibilities of new things and ways of living will help you to find that what you are looking for. If I was not open to my new way of living and accepting help and new ways to live (albeit at my own pace), I would not now be finding my new purpose. 

We all have a path to walk and there are many bumps and pot holes along the way. It is how we get up from these and find our way around them that makes the journey more purposeful. I just wanted to share with you what I am learning on my journey. These are all my own thoughts and I don’t wish to preach to anyone. I just ask that you maybe be a little more open to possibility, as I believe it is these that help purpose grow. 

Sending love 

Nina xx

Purpose: Find your Truth and Embrace Your Calling

Jessica Huie Website


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    Another wonderful blog Nina. Love you xx

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