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Blind but Sound

After my contact with Henshaws, I wanted to look elsewhere for additional help in order to widen my chances of getting the support I needed. Firstly, I’ll speak to you about what I discovered from Apple – if I didn’t get this help, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. 

I struggled to find the support with Apple initially, and although I attended a few appointments at the Apple stores to find support from the staff, I found the experience wasn’t very good and didn’t provide me with what I was looking for. After speaking with the Manager at the Apple store in the Trafford Centre, I managed to arrange some sessions with an accessibility software specialist. This has been extremely helpful, and I am now finding my MacBook a lot easier to use, which has enabled me to write this blog. It is most definitely an ongoing journey as a lot of what I’m learning relates to technical processes. Apple at the Trafford Centre have told me they are running some accessibility workshops from the end of January, which is fantastic news. I am also looking at setting up some workshops with the Manchester City Council sensory department. 

So my left eye is now steady, there is not much more they can do for me at the moment. My pressure is stable and the front of the eye is quiet. They tell me this is the most I can hope for at the moment. Although this is good news there is still that part of me that is still in shock of it all. I know it is happening and when I go to see my doctor who I have. Been seeing for years and have gone on my journey with it is hard to see her disheartened. I understand though that she feels she has gone to her limit with me now and that she has achieved what I wanted to   with my eye. With saving it, I still have hope!

I do however have those moments where I sit and think oh my god I can’t see!! What happened here! How am I living this! What I have truly learnt recently is that the past is the past and the best way to move forward is to acknowledge the heart break grieve it and move forward as a wise adult. Well my wise adult has become the driver in the case of my sight for sure. I know I will still have them moments of uncertainty and fear but I know that I am now a blind person and it is part of me that I have to love and I will continue to work on this in every way possible. I will allow myself a platform to have these thoughts, fears, worries, challenges and then help and love myself through them because that is the only way in moving forward and that is what I have decided to do. 

Thank you for reading and please keep on reading for my updates, tips teaching and sharing all that I find. 

Hugs and love

Nina xx


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