…the past is the past

Hi you wonderful people

I know I said I would keep you updated on my findings regarding the charities and any help that I come across, so I want to use this next blog as an opportunity to tell you where I am up to both physically and emotionally.

So, my left eye is now steady, but there isn’t much more they can do for me at the moment. The pressure is stable and the front of the eye is quiet. The doctor tells me this is the most I can hope for right now. Although this is good news and I have accepted the situation to a certain degree, there is a part of me that is still in shock and coming to terms with it all.

I have been seeing the same doctor now for some years and she has been a great comfort throughout our journey together so it’s difficult to see her disheartened. I understand though that there is little more she can do for me now and that she has achieved all she can in saving my eye. However, I still remain hopeful.

I have moments where I sit and think “Oh my God, I can’t see! How has this happened? How am I living through this?” Recently, what I have truly learnt is that the past is the past and the best way to move forward is to acknowledge my heartbreak, grieve and move forward the best I can as a wise adult. Well, my wise adult has become the driver in the case of my sight, for sure. I know I will still have those moments of uncertainty and fear, but I accept that I am now a blind person and it is a part of me that I must learn to love. I will continue to work on this in every way possible. I will allow myself to have these thoughts, fears, worries and challenges so that I can move forwards and love myself.

Thank you for reading my updates – sharing my tips and thoughts is a wonderful outlet for me that can hopefully help others too.

Hugs and love,

Nina xx


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  1. Tessa Marsland avatar
    Tessa Marsland

    Your totally amazing Nina xxxxxx big hugs ur always in our thoughts 💞💞💞💞💞

  2. Jolene avatar

    Beautiful xxx

  3. Des.Larcombe avatar

    Sensational, inspiring and so so eloquent love and hugs Pam and Des Xx

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