Challenges and Disappointments

Hi all

I know the title of this one may appear to be a little of a downer but please trust me and keep reading.

As humans we all face challenges and disappointments in our life times. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much you have or how perfect you think you and your life is. There is a time in everyones life wither it be big or small you will face a challenge and a disappointment of some kind. It doesn’t matter your age either, you can be as young as a new born to as old as 100 years. A baby would face the challenge of letting-it’s parents know they were hungry and the disappointment when they were either not listened to or it took there parents longer then they wanted to react to them. Then as an older person they may face challenges in the simplest of tasks maybe like getting dressed and the disappointment when they couldn’t do it alone. You don’t have to have a disability either to face these things in life although as a disabled person you may face a few more in the span of your lifetime than a non disabled person. My point is that we all have them and it is how we deal with them that makes us the person we are. It’s how we share them and learn from them that can help others. 

In this blog I want to share with you some of the challenges and disappointments I have already experienced in 2020. My first challenge of the year was not to be excluded and treated differently on a night out. It was to make this happen without hurting others feelings to. It was difficult as I can be very hot headed at times when I know what I want. This definitely became a big challenge when I lost my sight completely as my drive to remain as independent as possible grew stronger. I was disappointed on New Years that I couldn’t see the fireworks. This was always something I have enjoyed since being a child, going out of the house at midnight and seeing all the fireworks and chatting to the neighbours. Where we were this year there was a little church and on the stroke of midnight along with the fireworks they rang the bells. This reminded me that even though I was disappointed with not seeing the celebrations I could still hear them and celebrate! That uplifted me in that simple sound so I learnt to always look or listen deeper to what is around you in the moment. I realised not to always let your emotions run your head. Acknowledging them though still but moving them over to allow space to think and listen. 

I recently faced another major challenge that I knew was going to happen at some point and I have been putting out into the universe to happen but when it finally did I was taken a back. I guess I didn’t originally see it as a challenge I just saw it as a solution not realising I had to go through the challenge part first. I applied for a guide dog around 17 months ago and was excepted 14 months ago so was on a waiting list. I recently found out I was matched with a dog. This was the best news ever and something I was really hoping for and looking forward to as I thought as soon as I get this that’s it my life will be changed so much for the better. As I got carried away with the thought I didn’t see the challenges this would bring for me and also for my family. Through this I learnt that it isn’t always just about me!! As much as my husband is going to love hearing me say that I have truly heard it! It is important for me and to work for me but it also has to work for the family as it is a big commitment and it has to be right for all parties including the dog.

Yes it was disappointing and heartbreaking for me when I found it wasn’t a match but as I learnt it is not just about me! Facing this disappointment and accepting the reasons for it makes it a lot easier to bear. I think all the family felt the same. Sometimes disappointment is a necessary part of learning. I had to feel that disappointment to learn that there is still hope, opportunity and that things do happen for a reason. This I am a true believer in. 

Anyway I hope I haven’t been to preachy with you I just want to share with you my journey and what I am learning along the way. Take it if you want and hopefully it will help you and if not it’s not a problem. These are all my own thoughts and opinions and I know we are all different and react differently I just want to share with you my experiences. Sending love and positivity to you all.

Nina xx


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