Looking back to see ahead

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Hi everyone

Well as you know we have come to the end of another year and I can’t believe I’m saying this but also the end of another decade. Is it me, has this one seemed to have gone faster? I remember thinking as a child what will the world be like in 2020 “I bet we will have flying cars and space travel!” Well we are getting close I guess with the space travel. I never imagined my life would look quite like this! 

Looking back at the last decade of my life I have had some ups and downs. I have travelled, worked, played, started a family, started a business, lost a business, went back to college, had several surgeries to my eyes to try and improve the vision, lost my sight completely, attended a self-healing therapy retreat. These are just some of the major things there is so much more that has been crammed into the last ten years. Ten years doesn’t sound long when you say it out loud but when you look back at what you managed to do it is quite amazing.

As there has been quite a few happenings over the year,  I don’t want to bore you with all of them so I will share with you my highlights and my low point of the year. These thoughts are my own perhaps it would be nice if you could have a think of what yours are, reflection can be quite insightful. 

My low point…. This is a big one I have had a few disappointments over the last decade, work and family related. But these where probably no more than what most people experience in life. Family fall outs, children maturing into teenagers, missed job opportunities, work place discrimination, business challenges, financial worries. The one that was most definitely the worst was the loss of my sight. This was not expected and came as a huge shock. Life can never prepare you for these kinds of low points. They happen in many different ways to all people. I believe it is where and how you go onward from these moments that matters the most. It has only been 16 months since my accident and I am in no way proclaiming I am all fine and dandy now and it is most definitely a work in progress. That for me is the most exciting part, learning new ways of living my life, adapting to new things and learning things about myself I didn’t know before. For sure it has been a rollercoaster and I doubt it is finished yet, but the journey has begun and there is no getting off now! I have learnt a lot of lessons and the most awakening for me was learning “to allow my emotions”. I know what you are all thinking, “HUH that sounds like a simple thing”, well for me it wasn’t. I have spent most of my life being the tough one, pulling myself together, not allowing myself to feel in case it upset those around me. Well my low point allowed me to feel everything and I couldn’t run from it anymore. So that is what I have took from my low point and now I am excited to roll with it into the next decade.

My highlight….. I thought I would end on a higher note! – My highlight of the last decade was the birth of my beautiful boy. This was by far the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, I have had the moments of excitement from starting my business to going to festivals. The moments of pride my business doing well, me going back to collage, my step son getting his GCSE’s. The moments of romance and love with my husband, there have been so many moments, but nothing as heartfelt, joyous and emotional than meeting my son Dylan for the first time and watching him grow into a polite, energetic, creative, loving, respectful and kind boy. I look forward to the most over the new decade watching him grow into a man and enjoying our moments together as it was him that got me through the worst of times. He was my rock and I knew I had to be strong and get through the bad for him. I wanted to teach him that when life does get crap that there is always a way up.

So for the next decade…… I am looking forward more to the next ten years of my life then I have any of the others. I feel I am in a more authentic and powerful placed I am so excited to see what lies ahead. I am looking at starting a podcast, continuing with my blog, working with Henshaws to help create more awareness and support for visually impaired people, working with Esme’s Umbrella to create more awareness for Charles Bonnet syndrome and continuing on my own journey of self-discovery. 

Some quotes I have picked up on the way I would like to share a few of them. Some are from books I have read or podcasts I have listened to I am sorry some of them I don’t have the persons name who quoted but I like hearing them so I would like to share them. 

“Life is learning to love”

“Willingness is to let you flow with the stream rather than against it”

“You begin to change the moment you love yourself for being the way you are”

“Compassion is not a relationship between the wounded and the healer it is a relationship between equals”

“There is a crack in everything that is how the light gets in” – Lennon Cowen

“Boldness has genius power and magic in it” – Brene Brown

“Change begins with awareness and acceptance” – Melanine Beatie

Thank you for reading I want to send love, light and positivity to you all for the new year and the upcoming decade. Here’s to creating new memories, creating more love, and excepting the good and the bad. Onward to the next 10!


Nina xx  


2 responses to “Looking back to see ahead”

  1. Sallye Cooper Marshall avatar
    Sallye Cooper Marshall

    Nina, so many of us that follow have been in some of the same up’s and down’s, high’s and low’s as where you’ve been. Your words seem to strike a chord with me each time I read a new blog. Thank you so much for sharing and allowing those of us who can relate to be able to reflect on our own lives and begin to renew once again for the next decade going forward just as you have done. You may not be out of the woods yet with your new life as completely blind but listening to your words tells me that you are well on your way to living your new life successfully just as I did many years ago after my accident. Take good care, live long and keep writing for those of us who take away much from what you say! Love, Sallye

    1. Nina avatar

      Hi Sally thank you so much for your lovely and kind words XX

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