Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Hi all,

Are you ready for the change in season? I am excited about having baths again. I love a long soak in a bubble bath with some candles lit and the door locked for peace and quiet. Which is such a lovely thing to do for yourself. We all need that bit of me time. I bring this up as I want to share with you my experiences of what I call ‘hide and seek’. This is my thoughts on what happens when a blind or Visually impaired person drops something!

I bring the bath subject up as I  ran the first bath of the cold, wet and miserable season I was so excited, I had my salts and bubbles ready, my husband lit the candles (I don’t think I’m ready to attempt that yet!) I was ready to go!! OH NO…… yes that’s right I dropped the bubble bath lid and yes that dreaded sound came. The sound of the lid rolling, there is nothing you can do but try and listen to the direction it rolled. Here’s where the fun begins, I get on my hands and knees, yes as you can imagine ready for the bath and start patting around the bathroom floor. All I keep praying for is that I find it soon as my bath will go cold. I don’t want to have to call my husband, after all I had to ask him to light the candles, I mean I need a little independence. Lid – I will find you!! 

I was lucky that time my hearing was right on and I found it within a minute, phew, I had an amazing first bath and the stress melted away. 

This has happened with many other things, here is just a few:

  1. Milk bottle lids
  2. Coins
  3. Hairpins, bobbles
  4. Earrings
  5. Cutlery

There are so many things on some what of a daily basis that can become a hide and seek item. 

My most challenging, and I say challenging because it took all of my will to not lose my shit altogether when I dropped this one. I have daily eye drops in individual pipettes some are stored in the fridge. This one morning I was struggling with my CBS  (Charles  Bonnet syndrome) and not long up so quite disoriented, I got an eye drop out and as I was trying to put the box back in the fridge I dropped the pipette. These pipettes are maybe two centimetres long in a plastic film packet – so are very light. I thought oh my God here we go, I got on my hands and knees again and there I was searching away for now over 10 minutes getting more and more worked up. I didn’t want to wake anyone up yet but I was getting so annoyed with this little packet that I was ready to most likely burst into tears, once I found it. Well, I stood up to go get help when I felt something in my slipper. As it floated down it landed perfectly inside my slipper I must not have felt it till I stood up. ARGHH!

I know patience is one of part of my personality that I need to work on, and let me tell you I worked on it that morning! I stood in the kitchen laughing away to myself with pride and also with relief. My son came in and asked “Mum are you ok” I said “Yes son I was just playing hide and seek”. 

My lesson learnt, even when things aren’t in plain sight they are always there so just have patience, you will find it!

Enjoy that first bubble bath!

Sending love 

Nina xx


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  1. Lisa avatar

    Very good read nina. Keep up the amazing work. You are amazing. Love ya lots xxx

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