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Access For Us Blog is a non profit blog, creating awareness of accessibility for disabled fans. The blog covers anything related to accessibility for concerts, theatre shows, exhibitions, films, cinema, any kind of culture and entertainment. It looks at the good and bad experiences of disabled people and their point of views on accessibility. It shares insights into the different venues and companies and what they provide for disabled fans. There is also a guest blogger section where they have guest bloggers talking about anything from their thoughts and lived moments. There are also people who share their own ventures into making the world more accessible. 

There are some amazing posts on here. One I particularly found interesting was the blog post from Matt Pierri, he is the CEO and founder of Sociability. This is an app that provides information about accessibility for venues, cafes, bars and restaurants throughout the UK. Matt has a great story of how he took the bull by the horns and developed something that not only helped him but helped disabled people all over the UK. I would not have found out about this great app if it wasn’t for the guest blog post on access for us. 

Access for us was set up by two amazing young women. Holly and Jessica created this blog after realising they were avid music fans and had a great love for Jessy J. They are strong believers in equality and fair access for music fans of all abilities. 

Holly, who has her own blog, life of a blind girl a 24 year old assistive technology advisor. The blog is a collective of her experiences of living her life as a blind girl, chieving a BA(Hons) children young people and families and going on to guest write blogs for various charities. Holly has also featured in the Yorkshire post and been interviewed by RNIB Connect amongst many more. Holly is an inspiration to young people everywhere. I only wish I had someone like her around when I was younger to look up to. 

Jessica is a 24 year old  documentary photographer from Grimsby. She tells stories of people and places through the lens of her camera. Jess has a BA(Hons) in jcommercial photography and has had her work exhibited in Amsterdam. Jess is a lover of the arts and music.  

The two women individually have achieved so much already and now together they are taking on the entertainment world and helping provide vital information to disabled people. They recently posted a tweet asking if there were any Jonus Brothers fans out there that would like to do a review of their new film. Well with being a long fan, I jumped at the chance!

They wanted a review of the accessibility features of the film including the audio description and the features, if any that Amazon Prime provide. They also wanted a review of the film itself. 

I really enjoyed the film and the writing. I have thought many a time about reviewing audio description for films as sometimes it can be frustrating and comical the way films are described. Considering how much I enjoyed doing this, I may write a few reviews for my blog, BlindbutSound or if Holly and Jess have any more music, art and theatre related reviews they would like me to do, I would love that too!

If you want to read my blog for access for us you can get it here. Also take a look at there website Access for us here

I think it is so commendable that two young ladies are providing support and information for the disabled community so that they can enjoy the things they are passionate about without restriction. I think if we all stand together we will be heard and we can breeze through life as anyone else would. 

Enjoy the reading, take care.

Nina xx   

Access for Us Blog Jonas Brothers review by Nina

Access for Us Blog

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