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Hi lovely readers,

As I sit and write the  temperature is  at its highest record this year, 30 degrees. At this moment in time I am grateful for lock down as we have our friends coming over for a BBQ, social distancing of course. Before they get here I wanted to share with you this blog post about how I came to learn to be a holistic therapist. 

I have lived in Manchester all my life with a few short travelling spurts and whe my husband and I decided to move to Cornwall. We have been back in Manchester now 6 years and on returning to this amazing city I needed to find work. Now with having my visual impairment and my confidence a little tarnished, it took a lot of thought on what I wanted to do. Now I know it is a little bit of a cliche, well that’s what I thought. I decided to train to be a massage therapist. I started the course but didn’t continue as my heart just wasn’t in it. I truly believe it was not the right time for me. I believed in the therapy and what it could do but it wasn’t right because I always had in the back of my mind my creativity and what I wanted to do with that.

So I left that to concentrate on my new business. 

For those who know me and those who may have read previous blogs, you will know that that the business didn’t last because unfortunately I had a second accident in August 2019 which resulted in me going completely blind. This was a major shock and changed my life to near unrecognisable.     I could no longer be in the creative industry, well that was my thought process at the time. I always thought creativity had to come in the form of colour and images, something you could seer be made. I am learning on my journey that is not the case at all, creativity is in the every day. It is in everything that we do, see, smell, and touch.   

After a year of recovery and the start to my self heeling journey, I found myself being drawn back to massage therapy. As I moved forward into my heeling and my new life becoming more aware of different forms of therapy. These included, yoga, meditation, nutrition, massage, poetry and many others. I felt more of a connection with the medium and felt it was the right time. I started on my level 3 complimentary therapy course in October 2019 and I am due to graduate on the 29th July 2020. Maybe now I am the cliche, a blind massage therapist.  Funnily  I am proud to be a cliche I enjoy the therapy. And truly believe in its abilities to heel and improve health. 

Throughout the course I have learnt many things, about myself and about the industry. I felt like I was back in school learning biology and it was fun and very interesting.  There were challenges  at times and  I thought what the hell am I doing!! With the support of the tutors, family  and of course technology I got through it. Not only did I get through it I enjoyed every moment and I have now found a new outlet for my creativity. I have truly become to believe in the power of massage, the heeling effects and how it can help improve your health. I have experienced it first hand as one of the perks of the course is regular massages. I have found it helps with my mood, my skin, my muscles, my posture and so much more. This of course is along side a healthy diet and exercise. I am not saying that regular massage will transform all of your alements but it defiantly helps to improve on them. 

I have also enjoyed the spiritual side to massage therapy. I have witnessed emotional release during massage treatments. The feeling of security, warmth and connection from another humans touch is a powerful thing. There is so much to the therapy to benefit that I am a true ambassador of the industry and look forward to working with and helping people to heel. I found that it has helped me so much in helping me focus, heel and find purpose that I want to pas on that energy to others. 

Once I have qualified and  got my paper in order I intend to work from home. My amazing husband is a very talented builder and has built  me an amazing treatment room in our garden. It is my oasis within the city. A tranquil indulgent escape with a sensory experience form the moment you walk in. 

Please keep posted for my new page on the website with more information on my new venture.      I look forward to sharing my new journey with you. 

Sending love

Nina xx


2 responses to “Massage it away!”

  1. Lucy Webb avatar
    Lucy Webb

    Wow sounds amazing Nina! Good boy Steve can’t wait to come and see you x

    1. Nina avatar

      Thank you Lucy really enjoying what holistic therapy has to offer it is such a healing experience and great for the skin

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